Mic Monsta - Positive Vibes

Positive Vibes is another soul touching piece by Mic Monsta. The dance hall vibe is a guide for hustlers to find balance in their everyday life. With the crazy things happening in the world right now, every single day is a gift from God. Being grateful and staying positive will only attract more good vibes your way. I have just one life so I choose to be happy.


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Mic Monsta – Positive Vibes

Release Date : November 6, 2020
Artist : Mic Monsta (Njoku)
Format : Digital Download

•Performed by: Mic Monsta
•Produced by: Payne
•Mixed and mastered by: Dijay Karl
•Backup vocals by : Zashy
•Written by: Mic Monsta
•Visualized by: Mangikstudios