1. Kwata State Of Mind Mic Monsta 2:55
  2. Kwata PikiN Mic Monsta ft Besingi 3:44
  3. Mic Monsta-One Wish ft Ewube 3:34
  4. Mic Monsta - one pot soup Mic Monsta 3:24
  5. Obanje Feeling Mic Monsta ft Besingi 3:31
  6. Secret (prod by Gauiis) Mic Monsta 3:10
  7. Change Ya Style Mic Monsta ft Dready Christ 3:41
  8. Babylon [prod Gauuix x deejae glenny] Mic Monsta Ft Gauiis 4:12
  9. Kumba Wata Mic Monsta Ft Dready Christ 4:59
  10. Road to success Mic Monsta Ft Crispy 3:14
  11. Move U 4 Stress ( prod by BoyKarl) Mic Monsta 3:38
  12. Why yi be seh Mic Monsta 3:33
  13. Girls lie Mic Monsta 3:05
  14. No No Mic Monsta 2:52
  15. Good Times [prod Gauuix x deejaeglenny] Mic Monsta ft July Jay & Fashion Dee 4:04
  16. Outro (prod by KingGunz) Mic Monsta 2:30

The Kwata Diary project is an experiment on Mic Monsta’s personal life as a hip-hop artist from the English speaking part of Cameroon.Writing these songs was my way of coping with the ongoing crisis in Cameroon and every song on the project captures an important reality from my experience but it’s not all a sad story. (Mic Monsta).The music dairy made of genres like Hip Hop, Soul Hip Hop, Afro Beats,Reggae, Afro hip-hop and Dance Hall touches reality topics likeInjustice, War, Lifestyle, Regrets, Party, Love, and Self-worth.

Behind the Scene

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Kwata Diary Vol.1

Release Date : November 29, 2018
Artists : Besingi, Mic Monsta (Njoku)
Format : Digital Download

The album opens with Kwata State of mind which paints the everyday reality the Cameroonian youth, limited resources but still holding on to a big dream. Kwata Pikin gives you a sense of self worth. One wish as we all pray for a solution to the on going war in the north west and southwest region of Cameroon. One pot soup talks about the outbreak of the anglophone crisis.
obanje feeling is a rebel mood when you refuse to limit yourself. Change your style puts you in a party mood…