1. Mic Monsta - Change Ya Style Ft Dready Christ [ Official Audio ] 3:41
  2. Mic Monsta - Change Ya Style (Official Video) Ft Dready Christ(1) 3:58
  3. Mic Monsta - Kwata State Of Mind(Interlude)(1) 2:55
  4. Mic MonstaNo No [ Official Audio ] 2:52
  5. Mic Monsta - Obanje Feeling ft Besingi [ Official Audio ] 3:31
  6. Mic Monsta - one pot soup [ Official Audio ] 3:24
  7. Mic Monsta - Why yi be seh 3:33

The Story

kwata  Diary is here to take all kwata music fans through a journey of understanding the roots of kwata music how it is growing up in the kwata the struggles our high and low. in every kwata pikin there is a story he got that is unique and kwata diary is here to summarize that all  To make the world understand where we come from

Behind the Scene

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Kwata Diary

Release Date : June 27, 2017
Artists : Besingi, Mic monsta
Format : CD

kwata Diary is a 5 track album that tell the story of a kwata pikin and kwata life style. we all know how good mic monsta is when he is on the mic his punchlines are out of this world. Kwata diary is no different. download and enjoy