1. Random Thoughts pt3 Mic Monsta 4:18
  2. Move U 4 Stress ( prod by BoyKarl) Mic Monsta 3:38
  3. Kwata State of Mind Mic Monsta 2:55
  4. Johnny Mic Monsta 3:41
  5. Ma Kwata Torch City 3:23
  6. Freedom Of Speech Mic Monsta ft Dready Christ 3:06
  7. FEAR Mic Monsta 3:28
  8. Positive Vibes Mic Monsta 3:50
  9. Kwata PikiN Mic Monsta Ft Besingi 3:44
  10. mic-monsta---johnny-acoustic-version Mic Monsta 4:22
  11. Good Times [prod Gauuix x deejaeglenny] Mic Monsta ft July Jay & Fashion Dee 4:04
  12. Street Life Torch City Feat Dready 4:13
  13. Obanje Feeling (prod.by KinGunz) Mic Monsta Ft Besingi 3:29

Tassing Cales Susung AKA Uncle Cales is a Rapper, Beat Maker ,A Graphics Designer and businessman. Also known as “Moit on the beat” ,Uncle Cales is from the North West Region of Cameroon.

He grew up in “Ntamuche” neighborhood, attended secondary and high school at GBHS Atiela, Studied at FLNHIBS Bamenda and graduated with A Higher National Diploma in Nursing.

Music has always been his passion since Child hood and he self produced his first song at the age of 12. In 2014 He created the crew called Torch City alongside child hood friends Waxzey and Edico.

He Produced 4 songs on the Torch City street life EP and his Vission is to see the rap crew on an international stage sharing not only their childhood stories but life experiences and culture.

Apart from music he enjoys sports, reading and researching new ideas.

I am a person who sees life as a learning process. Like we are all put on this planet or universe to learn and to teach, thats how we evolve as a specie.

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Uncle Cales

.Uncle Cales sings form his hart he sings for his people and he is part of the kwata music family together in his crew Torch city. light a touch they want to bring to light the stores in the kwate.Taking through a journey of how growing in the hood is like. Take a momment and list to one of his songs on the playlist.